Airbnbs, VRBOs & HomeAway

Airbnbs, VRBOs & HomeAway

Many people have Airbnb or vacation rentals. Serve Right Laundry is a specialist in serving this unique area of the laundry business. Because you need to launder so many items for each guest, keeping up with load after load of laundry in-house will be all that you do! Don’t use your valuable resources that way. Let Serve Right Laundry help you with Airbnb laundry! We can help you keep up with your vacation rental laundry.

Serve Right Laundry never uses low-cost bulk cleaning agents, like other laundromats in the commercial laundry space do.

We take pride in servicing your items, by washing, drying and folding your Airbnb or VRBO laundry. Your vacation rental’s laundry needs will be taken care of with great care, and you can spend your valuable time helping your clients instead!

Laundering Airbnb essentials:

  • Linens – Purify your linens and present a pristine picture of your vacation rental to guests.
  • Towels  Wash your towels in warm water with gentle detergent. We deliver the fluffy, fresh towels everyone loves.
  • Robes  Wash your clients’ robes after each use, clean and ready to use for your next guest.

If you are interested in our laundry service for your Airbnb or VRBO vacation rental, contact us for a quote today! We offer special pricing to our commercial customers!

Call us for more information at 631-478-6969 or email us at:

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